2019 Toyota Prius is Ready for Winter With AWD-e and Toned-Down Styling

By Justin Cupler | December 5th, 2018

The latest-generation Prius has had a few hiccups here and there, including its wild styling that turns off some buyers and its lack of an all-wheel-drive option that drivers in the snowy Fox Lake area winters desire. Well, the 2019 Prius lineup will address both issues with a light refresh and available all-wheel drive.

Starting with the refreshed looks, Toyota has scrapped the sharp downward swoops on the edges of the headlights and taillights in favor of more timid designs. Up front, the only swoop is an upward swing on the outer edge. Around back, Toyota turned the downward swoop of the taillights 90 degrees toward the inside, creating a horizontal swoop that looks more traditional. These updates keep the look unique while appeasing buyers who prefer a less striking appearance.

The other big change to the 2019 Toyota Prius is its available all-wheel-drive system. You read that right; the 2019 Prius will feature all-wheel drive. This isn’t your typical fuel-draining all-wheel drive either. Instead, the Prius’ AWD-e system uses an electric motor to spin the rear wheels from launch to 6 mph. This will help the Prius get traction from a stop in all conditions.

After that initial launch, the AWD-e system will continue monitoring wheel slip and ship power to the rear wheels up to speeds of 43 mph. This ensures you always have the traction you need without draining the fuel tank with other mechanical parts like a differential or driven rear axles.

Speaking of fuel draining, AWD-e-equipped 2019 Prius models will get a Toyota-estimated 52 mpg city, 48 highway, and 50 combined.

The 2019 Prius will also gain more traditional trim levels that match the rest of Toyota’s lineup: L Eco, LE, XLE, and Limited. The Prius AWD-e will only be available in the LE and XLE trims.

Keep it locked here to see when the 2019 Prius and its new AWD-e system will be available at Garber Fox Lake Toyota. With our frequent snowy weather here in Waukegan, McHenry, and Crystal Lake, this all-wheel-drive hybrid will be a popular buy. Keep an eye on our available Prius inventory to see when this thrifty all-wheel-drive hybrid arrives.

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