How to Maximize Fuel Efficiency

By Garber Fox Lake Toyota | September 11th, 2018


No one likes to waste money at the gas pump, but not everyone knows how to improve their fuel efficiency on the roads. Of course, Toyota gas mileage is already among the best on the market today, but even owners of the biggest gas-guzzlers can boost fuel economy by tweaking their habits. Between driving more strategically and keeping up with routine maintenance, you might be surprised by how much money you can save with very little effort!

Driving Habits

The right driving habits can go a long way toward greater fuel economy. Whether you’re a speed demon or an overpacker, just about any driver has a few areas where they can make big strides!

  • Avoid slamming on the pedals. Braking abruptly and accelerating quickly will make your engine work harder, so drive with a gentle touch to avoid extra stress on your car.
  • Don’t overpack the cabin with clutter. Every pound added to the vehicle creates extra strain, even if you are below the GVWR. Consider a little spring cleaning to remove all the bits and bobs from your trunk, the backseat, roof racks, and other storage spots.
  • Avoid idling when possible. Idling burns fuel quickly, while also producing more emissions than you might think. If you like to let your car warm up for a lengthy time during winters, try to cut down!

Maintenance Plans

Great driving habits will go a long way toward reduced fueling costs, but it’s also important to make sure that your vehicle is operating smoothly. A well-maintained car will place less stress on the vehicle’s components, which means less money spent on fueling and less money spent on repairs!

  • Follow directions. If your owner’s guide recommends basic gas and motor oil, then there’s no need to spring for high-octane premium gas! Use the best quality supplies that follow the guidelines of your manufacturer.
  • Stick with OEM parts rather than aftermarket alternatives. The only way to guarantee that impressive Toyota gas mileage is to stick with materials created by Toyota. You can’t be completely sure that aftermarket parts will perform harmoniously with your car.
  • Replace your air filter routinely. Studies have shown that replacing the air filter can bring up to a 15 percent improvement in fuel efficiency!

Try Out a New Model Today!

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