Toyota Logo History

By Garber Fox Lake Toyota | October 30th, 2018

Every Toyota at Garber Fox Lake Toyota has incredible style, premium engineering, amazing technology – as well as that signature Toyota logo. But have you ever wondered why Toyota chose this particular symbol to represent the whole brand? We’ve got the tale of Toyota logo history, but you might be surprised by how much has changed over the years! Let’s take a look at the humble beginnings of this iconic company.

From Toyoda to Toyota

If you saw early images of the Toyota logo, you might think that a spelling error had escaped the manufacturing process. But actually, Toyota was once known as “Toyoda” until 1936. At this time, the brand announced a competition to the public. People could submit their own ideas for a sharp and modern logo to exemplify the brand. And surprisingly, this turned into a name change.

The simple shift from Toyoda to Toyota was more appealing, due to the Japanese concept of jikaku. The characters for “Toyota” were written in eight counts – a lucky number associated with good fortune. The name was changed as the company moved from an independent business to a large-scale manufacturer, and the brand began its legacy as a global giant.

Creating the Logo

The original Toyota logo was chosen as a result of the public competition. This logo was a blue and red diamond-shaped emblem with the brand name featured prominently in the center of the design. But during the company’s 50th anniversary, Toyota changed their look yet again to the iconic logo that you recognize today. The logo was comprised of three ovals, each carrying their own significance. The overlapping ovals represent the hearts of the customer and company, forming a T-shaped symbol, and the outer oval represents the world itself. Additionally, the contoured lines of the ovals pays homage to the intricate brushstrokes of Japanese calligraphy.

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